Apple’s macro photography contest is over: Here are the 10 most beautiful winning photos 0

The winners of Apple’s macro photography competition for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max users have been announced. The jury team of professional photographers selected the 10 best photos.

Apple has announced the results of the Macro Photography Competition Shot on the iPhone Challenge, where anyone can take pictures with the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max and take part. A jury of professional photographers and Apple experts evaluated photos submitted from around the world and selected 10 winning photos.

The iPhone 13 Pro series has the most advanced camera system of the iPhone. In addition, users will be able to take clear and impressive photos with a focal length of at least 2 centimeters for the first time. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have new ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses.

10 photos selected in the Macro Photography contest will be used in marketing materials

The winning photos will be used in Apple’s marketing materials. It can also be seen in digital campaigns, Apple Stores, billboards, or at public photo exhibitions.

Here are the 10 best photos taken with the iPhone 13

1-“Sea Glass” by Guido Cassanelli
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sea Glass Guido Cassanelli

From the photographer: “Sea glass was damaged by thousands of kilometers across the oceans to the shores of the world. I was walking along the beach and enjoying a beautiful sunset and I decided to take some of these little pieces of sea glass.” try macro photography on iPhone 13 Pro Max. There seems to be something strange going on inside the center – it looks like amber. I really like that texture. “

2-“The Cave” by Marco Colletta
Taranto, Italy

The Cave Marco Colletta

From the photographer: “The vague shape of the ridges, accentuated by the intense shadows, reminded me of a deep cave, ready to be explored; By paying attention to the inside of the flower, I want the natural framing of the hibiscus to allow you to feel the most complete part of its beauty. When I first learned about the macro mode, I thought it was another great new feature that I enthusiastically got on my new iPhone 13 Pro. But when I started researching options, I really started to love them. I’ve found that it gives me the ability to create almost anything I see in an abstract subject, except what it really is. This episode really opened my imagination. “

3-“Art in Nature” by Prajwal Chougule
Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

Art in Nature

From the photographer: “I’m a nature lover and I like to run early in the morning with my iPhone 13 Pro. The “Golden Hour” brings the best of nature and joy to the photographer. And I was fascinated by the spider’s house, and I surprised him with the way the spider’s dry silk became a necklace, where the dew shot fire like pearls. It looked like a work of art on natural canvas. “

4-“A Drop of Freedom” by Daniel Olah
Budapest, Hungary

A Drop of Freedom

From the photographer: “My intention was to emphasize a small drop of water against the lily. I used a spot studio light on the lily with a dark background. I like the shape of the flower, the petal helps keep the focus on the middle part, which emphasizes not only dripping but also stems. But photography has a rhythm that builds on the joys of composition. ”

5-“Leaf Illumination” by Trevor Collins
Boston, USA

Leaf Illumination

From the photographer: “This one moment was the time of the golden hour when the sun shone right into my window and illuminated all the small cells in each leaf. The leaf in the picture is a fig tree with a violin, it’s on my desk where I can see it all day.”

6-“Strawberry in Soda” by Ashley Lee
San Francisco, USA

Strawberry in Soda

From the photographer: “Using a photo to turn everyday things into something unique is always a fun puzzle that boosts my creativity. For this photo, I used two things I found in my kitchen fridge: a strawberry and a can of soda. A clean vase on the kitchen counter, I put soda in the vase and used a piece of black paper as a background, and I immediately dropped the strawberry into the soda and waited, and slowly bubbles began to form on the surface of the strawberry and its texture changed completely. I was amazed at the level of detail I got by taking a macro photo because I saw individual soda bubbles formed on the surface of the strawberry. I chose strawberry as the theme because I like how bright red explodes on a black background. The huge difference draws your attention to the strawberry and its bubbles and acts as if the strawberry is floating in space. “

7-“Volcanic Lava” by Abhik Mondal
New Milford, New Jersey, USA

Volcanic Lava

From the photographer: “After buying a new iPhone 13 Pro in December, I was impressed by its macro side and started collecting various things, including flowers, insects, plants, etc. One day I went to the bakery on a typical evening walk, when I noticed a bouquet. This beautiful sunflower caught my attention with its intricate details, including the presence of different colors from the center to the edge of the arrangement. I immediately decided to take the bouquet home and capture its beauty. “

8-“Honeycomb” by Tom Reeves
New York City, USA


From the photographer: “This photo was taken along Riverside Park in Manhattan as we walked with our puppy this winter. While he was amazed by his first snow, I caught the passing lattice of this little snowflake as it landed below. It poisons it.” their multicolored honey curls. “

9-“Hidden Gem” by Jirasak Panpiansin
Chaiyaphum City, Thailand

Hidden Gem

From the photographer: “This small, shimmering liquid gemstone actually sits under a leaf after a tropical storm, almost invisible to the human eye. However, its real light shines through the iPhone’s lens, glows intensely brightly, captures the light of the rising sun, and magnifies the complex, organic geometry of the leaf roots beneath them. . It is full of nature: the world of beauty and miracles is small. “

10-“The Final Bloom” by Hojisan
Chongqing, China

The Final Bloom

From the photographer: “The photo was taken when my 3-year-old son discovered a tulip flower at home. My son and I immediately appreciated the flower and picked up my iPhone, trying to capture the moment the sun kissed the flower, creating the perfect shade of petals. When I brought my iPhone closer to the flower, the macro mode automatically turned on and the details of the petals were perfectly rendered. A moment later the wind came and blew the slats. “Even though the flower is short, I still have the longest moment in the life of a tulip, which is a gift of nature.”


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iOS 15.5 RC

Apple recently released iOS 15.5 RC for developers. This is probably the latest iOS 15 update we will see for the official iOS 16 release, scheduled for early June on WWDC22. This is the fifth major update for iOS 15 and has some interesting improvements.

iOS 15.5 didn’t bring much news, and the Release Candidate was the last release Apple released for the final release, which is due out in a week. As usual with this iOS 15.5 beta, Apple has also made the remaining beta versions of iPadOS 15.5, watchOS 8.6, tvOS 15.5, and macOS Monterey 12.4 available to developers.

What’s new in iOS 15.5 RC?

In previous beta versions of iOS 15.5, we saw some interesting new features, such as links to Apple Classical, iTunes Pass, and Universal Control changes. And in Beta 3, there has been a change related to the Photos app, especially the Memory feature, which blocks “sensitive places” so they don’t show you memories of the area.

iOS 15.5 RC

It is clear that iOS 15 has reached the end of its cycle and the news is no longer as accurate as in previous updates. All of these enhancements are stored by Apple for iOS 16.

iPhones running iOS 15.5 RC

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  • iPhone 6s.
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE (first generation)
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  • iPod touch (7th generation)
  • All 12.9-inch iPad Pro.
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The oil company took Apple out of its seat! 0


Saudi oil group Aramco pushed Apple out of the world’s largest market capitalization on Wednesday, May 11, as the Saudi giant’s shares were boosted by the recent rise in oil prices. According to Bloomberg, the market capitalization of Saudi Aramco, Saudi’s national oil company, reached $2.430 billion on Wednesday, slightly surpassing the iPhone maker, which fell to $2.371 billion.

Apple is no longer the largest company in the world!

Shares of Aramco, listed on the Riyadh Stock Exchange at the end of 2019, closed at 45.50 Saudi riyals, down 0.98% in the session but up 27% since the beginning of the year with rising prices. oil prices are favored by energy companies. In January, at the height of the Wall Street bull cycle, Apple was the first company in history to cross the $3 billion market mark.


Saudi Aramco’s rise to the forefront of the largest stock-market companies has also been made possible by the recent decline in technology stocks, which has recently hit Apple and all the big digital names. The Nasdaq has lost more than 25% since the beginning of the year due to a change in the monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) in the face of inflation and the war in Ukraine. Apple’s title was $182 in early January, compared to $145.50 at the end of Wednesday.

Between IPOs at the end of 2019 and July 2020, the oil giant has a higher market capitalization than Apple.