Apple releases new accessibility features in 2022 0

In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Apple is preparing several new accessibility features to arrive on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac later this year. The company says these new features will provide disabled users with additional ways to “navigate, connect and use Apple products.”

Apple releases new accessibility features in 2022

Door Detection

One of the new features is called Door Detection, which Apple says will help users find doors when they arrive at a new destination. Detection helps users understand how far they are from the door and describe features, including whether they are open or closed. With the door closed, the function can inform the user whether the door can be opened by pressing, turning the knob, or pulling the handle.

Door detection can also read signs and symbols around the door, such as room numbers or the “presence” of an accessible entry symbol. The Door Detection function works in conjunction with LiDAR, the camera of your iPhone or iPad, and machine learning.

Apple Watch Mirroring and Fast Action

For Apple Watch users, Apple has announced a new Apple Watch Mirroring feature. It was described as a way to make Apple Watch “more accessible than ever for people with physical and motor disabilities.”

Apple explained that Apple Watch Mirroring users can control Apple Watch using handy iPhone features such as voice and switch control, and use inputs including voice commands, sound actions, head tracking, or external switches Made for iPhone as an alternative to tapping the Apple Watch screen.

Apple Watch Mirroring uses a combination of hardware and software features, including “AirPlay enhancements.” The key is that users who rely on these mobility features have access to things like blood oxygen, heart rate, mindfulness, and more from their Apple Watch.

Quick Actions is another new feature that comes to Apple Watch:

With the new Apple Watch’s quick actions, you can double-tap to answer or end a phone call, delete notifications, take a photo, play media, or pause Now Playing and start, stop, or stop a workout. It builds on the new technology used by AssistiveTouch on Apple Watch and gives users with height variations the ability to control Apple Watch gestures such as pinch or pinch.

Live Captions

For the deaf and hard of hearing community, Apple has announced live headlines for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This feature works by capturing real-time audio content, including FaceTime calls, any social network or video application, streaming media content, or even “talking to someone next to them.”

Apple releases new accessibility features

Apple says:

FaceTime Live Captions includes an automatically rewritten dialog for call participants, making group video calls easier for hearing-impaired users. When live captions are used for Mac calls, users have the ability to write an answer and speak it out in real time for the rest of the conversation. And because live transcription is done on the device, user information remains private and secure. In addition

Other new accessibility features include:

  • VoiceOver, Apple’s leading screen reader for blind and partially sighted users, has added support for more than 20 additional locations and languages, including Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.
  • With Buddy Controller, users can ask a caregiver or friend to help them play; Buddy Controller combines any two game controllers into one, allowing multiple controllers to plug in single player input.
  • With Siri Pause Time, voice-restricted users can adjust how long Siri waits before responding to a request.
  • Voice Control Spelling Mode gives users the ability to dictate their own spelling by entering letters letter by letter
  • Sound Recognition can be customized to identify sounds that are specific to a person’s environment, such as a unique alarm, doorbell, or home appliances.
  • Apple Books offers new topics and introduces customization options, such as bold text and line, character, and word space customization for a more accessible reading experience.

According to Apple, these features will come in software updates later this year. Find out more in the company’s press release.

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The oil company took Apple out of its seat! 0


Saudi oil group Aramco pushed Apple out of the world’s largest market capitalization on Wednesday, May 11, as the Saudi giant’s shares were boosted by the recent rise in oil prices. According to Bloomberg, the market capitalization of Saudi Aramco, Saudi’s national oil company, reached $2.430 billion on Wednesday, slightly surpassing the iPhone maker, which fell to $2.371 billion.

Apple is no longer the largest company in the world!

Shares of Aramco, listed on the Riyadh Stock Exchange at the end of 2019, closed at 45.50 Saudi riyals, down 0.98% in the session but up 27% since the beginning of the year with rising prices. oil prices are favored by energy companies. In January, at the height of the Wall Street bull cycle, Apple was the first company in history to cross the $3 billion market mark.


Saudi Aramco’s rise to the forefront of the largest stock-market companies has also been made possible by the recent decline in technology stocks, which has recently hit Apple and all the big digital names. The Nasdaq has lost more than 25% since the beginning of the year due to a change in the monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) in the face of inflation and the war in Ukraine. Apple’s title was $182 in early January, compared to $145.50 at the end of Wednesday.

Between IPOs at the end of 2019 and July 2020, the oil giant has a higher market capitalization than Apple.

The date is given for iPhone devices with a USB-C port 0

USB-C iPhone

Apple plans to incorporate USB-C connectivity into the iPhone, and according to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could consider replacing Lightning’s USB-C connection in more than a year.

Apple prefers USB-C over Lightning

In two tweets, the analyst said that his sources in Apple’s supply chain indicated that Apple could change the Lightning connection, which is on the iPhone from iPhone 5, to the most popular USB-C next year. The connection that Apple, on the other hand, uses on the iPad and MacBook. This is not the first time something like this has appeared.

Ming-Chi Kuo made the following statements on the subject:

“My latest survey shows that the new iPhone 2H23 will remove the Lightning port and move to the USB-C port. Depending on iOS compatibility.

Existing vendors related to USB-C from the Apple ecosystem (eg IC driver, connector) are expected to become the center of the market in the next 1-2 years thanks to large iPhone orders and the adoption of USB-C ports by accessories.”

Ming-Chi Kuo

It has been speculated for years that Apple will include USB-C connectivity on the iPhone, despite unknown reasons that Apple has not yet taken this step. Now, half-forced by the European Union, the dream of many users seems to be finally coming true. With one charger, we charge almost any Apple device.

USB-C iPhone

If Europe passes its laws, 2025 will be set as a period of universal charging. If this information is met, Apple will do so two years before it is required. Let’s see if Kuo’s predictions come true, even though they are usually correct, sometimes they also fail.